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  Pennington Technical Arts pet efforts attached beneath resume.   LLC DUNS:12-586-2339 est 1995 Woman Owned, Native American Owned, Small Business.
Develper & IT project manager for startups. R&D Science & Engineering. Systems designed to help mankind & also the animal world.

Most recent contract

Small 10 member startup company - R&D Science - Engineering - Cattle/Sheep

Results:  Once developed, the product was aided by top-level Microsoft to be used globally.

The goal - to improve the cattle/sheep industry and also help the environment.

Keywords: Freeform assistance in R&D science, engineering, software, and management.   IoT development, engineering, field testing, AI, machine learning, hands on ranch



Performed the roles of a Chief Scientist and company’s IT lead developer and was titled Director of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.  Reported directly to the owner and to the second in command.  The position allowed the freedom to do whatever was necessary to meet the goal of completion of the concept - designing and developing software - engineering physical hardware solutions and overseeing the development to completion - scientific R&D style testing of each prototype and involved in designing each next step - attending meetings to contribute & think tank & problem solve - attending meetings involving outside companies to analyze what was being presented - bringing in ultra-wealthy possible investors - coming up with ideas that would then become part of the company’s patents - (being a product for the cattle/sheep industry) hands on (cowboy) work and relating to the famers/ranchers - working with large animal veterinarian.

Writing software on IoT devices to serve as an AI decision making gateway - a main core of the company’s concept - for querying and commanding devices, database and cloud, communications, and machine learning.

Resolved, then designed and engineered a major solution to a major problem.

As a new technology in the sciences it was a learning & advancing hands-on environment. Analyzing goals, designing solutions, testing those solutions at my home office then testing at the ranches, working with the cattle and sheep, helping with the environmental studies, mucking around in the pens, tagging animals, to even often stepping in cow poop to palpating a cow.

Links within resume:         Pet Search and Rescue, Inc event     Privacy Flyer (R)

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